Guanghua Thought Leadership
The first phase of “GSM-CICC Workshop” – Discussions of Sino-US technology and anti-monopoly

Recently, the first phase of the GSM-CICC Workshop was held in Building 2, GSM-PKU. This workshop focused on hot topics of global concern, such as the decoupling of China-US technology, anti-monopoly, Sino-US patent comparison, the impact of COVID-19, and China-US relations, allowing participants to understand the world situation changes from multiple perspectives. Both GSM and CICC look forward to realizing research cooperation and organizing joint activities in the fields of carbon neutrality, digital economy, technological innovation, and the Belt and Road Initiatives.


GSM-CICC Workshop is jointly launched by Guanghua Thought Leadership and CICC Research Institute. It aims to build a high-level, professional and interdisciplinary industrial and academic research platform by discussing the latest research results and promoting knowledge exchange between two crucial think tanks.