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Workday Activities and Energy: Meetings in Relation to Micro Breaks


Organization and Strategy Seminar2017-10

Topic:Workday Activities and Energy: Meetings in Relation to Micro Breaks

Speaker:Chen Zhang,University of Michigan

Time: Wednesday, 15 Novemer, 10:00-11:30 am

Location: Room 111 , Guanghua Building 2


With heightened demands in today’s workplaces, it is often challenging for individuals to replenish their energy during the workday in order to maintain work performance and personal well-being. Prior research suggests that breaks are beneficial, but the opportunities for knowledge workers to take even small breaks can often be constrained at work, especially by the need to spend time in meetings. I investigate the question, “When micro breaks are constrained by workday meetings, can certain experiences from the meetings themselves replenish and enhance workday energy?” I present an experience sampling study I conducted with employees in three technology companies. Results show that individuals’ engagement in micro breaks are constrained by the time demands of meetings during the workday, but when the workday meetings (1) fulfill psychological needs or (2) provide temporary relief from high-pressure tasks, these experiences themselves can benefit workday energy and allow micro breaks to become less critical. This research contributes to an understanding of how work activities may create both constraints and compensatory possibilities for enhancing workday energy, particularly in relation to non-work activities such as breaks.


Chen Zhang (张晨) is a PhD candidate in Management & Organizations at the University of Michigan. In the mainstream of her research, Chen investigates issues related to workplace energy and well-being, including the influence of those activities and experiences in everyday work and life that might seem to be ordinary but can be powerful in shaping energy and well-being at work. Through her research, Chen aims to shed light on actions and experiences that allow people to maintain personal well-being even in demanding work.

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