2016 Glory and Dream Welcome Party

Released on: 2016-09-13

Lights, Sound...ACTION!

As a comfortable breeze brushed our faces, last Saturday evening, September 10th, had everything we had hoped for – and much, much more. Guanghua School of Management's annual event, the Dream and Glory Welcome Party, was in full swing once again to celebrate the beginning of an adventure for our new MBA students at Peking University. With students fully in charge of the entire event, from creating original theatre acts to choreographing captivating dance routines, we were all in awe of the talented performances demonstrated on stage!

The Glory and Dream Welcome Party is certainly not an ordinary event; it is where students are given the opportunity to express their gratitude, excitement and, above all, their passion to join the Guanghua family and their burning desire to achieve the highest glory. 

Equally inspiring, and breathtaking, was the Beijing Opera performance from our International MBA Class of 2016 – the way each student conducted themselves on stage was absolutely immaculate, as if they have had previous experience performing the highly sophisticated Beijing Opera routines. And let us not forget the amount of time and effort they all sacrificed only to have their make-ups done! 

The whole performance epitomized the bridging of cultures, as our international students fully committed themselves to translate their own interpretations of Beijing Opera to the audience. The appreciation for Chinese history and culture as well as each students’ personality was clearly evident on stage, which was definitely the icing on the cake. Our two beautiful hosts, Stella and Dario, also deserves honorable mention for their professionalism and enthusiasm. A truly remarkable show!
To refresh the memories of those who attended, and to give a memorable insight to those who were not present, please click the picture below to watch the full video of the wonderful performance from our Class of 2016: