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Information Design: A Unified Perspective


Economics Seminar(2017-07)

Title: Information Design: A Unified Perspective

Speaker: Stephen Morris, Princeton University

Time: Tuesday, June 13, 14:00-15:30

Place: Room 217, Guanghua Building 2


Fixing  a game with uncertain payoffs, information design identifies the  information structure and equilibrium that maximizes the payoff of an  information designer. We show how this perspective unifies existing  work, including that on communication in games (Myerson (1991)),  Bayesian persuasion (Kamenica and Gentzkow (2011)) and some of our own  recent work. Information design has a literal interpretation, under  which there is a real information designer who can commit to the choice  of the best information structure (from her perspective) for a set of  participants in a game. We emphasize a metaphorical interpretation,  under which the information design problem is used by the analyst to  characterize play in the game under many different information  structures.



Stephen  Morris is the Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics at  Princeton University.  He is a faculty member of the Department of  Economics, the founding and current director of the William S. Dietrich  Economic Theory Center and an affiliate of the Bendheim Center of  Finance and the Research Program in Political Economy.  Morris received  his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1991 and was previously a faculty  member at the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University. His  research focuses foundations and applications of game theory and  mechanism design, and in particular the role of incomplete information.   Applications include finance, auctions, macroeconomics and political  economy. He is a former Sloan Research Fellow, a Fellow of the  Econometric Society, and an elected member of the American Academy of  Arts and Sciences.  He served as editor of Econometrica from 2007-2011  and is currently the second Vice-President of Econometric Society.

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